Liza Rogers

Founder, WREN - Women's Real Estate Network


In the last 2 years I produced two 'Victoria Real Estate Expos' and headed into the 2nd year of WREN - the Women's Real Estate Network. 

In the next 12 months, I'll be growing the WREN brand, buying mobile home parks in the US and doing my first development! Yes, I'm enthusiastic about real estate and collaboration.

In the past few years I've had roles at 2 Olympic games, co-produced countless festivals, weddings, conferences, acted as 'inn' keeper in beautiful Bondi Beach, and worked on cruise ships and as a tour guide. I am passionate about tourism, hospitality and community and my mission is to create extraordinary experiences for people on my path. 

I've relocated to Victoria, BC and I must say ….WOW…. Victoria, what a great place to call home. I've worked on exciting projects with Unsworth Vineyards, Fish Eye Project and the Robert Bateman Centre. 

Throughout my career I have done lots of sales and marketing, public speaking, training and managing in ever changing environments. I have an abundance of energy that I gain from working with people. My best work is done under pressure with a smile on my face. I work behind the scenes on planning and directly up front with clients and guests, crew and volunteers. I've always been entrepreneurial and have moved between owning my business and working at a ‘JOB’ full time. 

Every project I take on involves building community and ensuring commitment to the 3 pillars of sustainability and 2018 is going to take that to another level.

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