Natalie Cousins

Licensed Real Estate Agent and Consultant


Natalie Cousins is an International Real Estate Coach, Trainer, Agent, Speaker, and Author, she was captivated by the real estate industry and began her career begin in 2003 as interior designer and new home sales representative.

Natalie launched her Consulting & Coaching career in 2006 and never looked back. She takes pride in transforming Real Estate Agents, Business, Life, and career with her renowned 6 Pillar Systematic Processes that enhance the Agents Visions, Goals and Authentic Branding and Marketing to stand out in the crowded market, get repeat clients, referrals, and leads so that the agent can deposit more money in their bank account.

Natalie is considered a catalyst to the next generation in real estate. She is responsible for empowering and redefining agents in the Real Estate industry worldwide with a strategic approach and sound policies to achieve a notable level of success.

A licensed Real Estate agent and visionary of dynamic success seminars, webinars, and courses, Natalie gets-up each day with the motivation of helping new and existing agents soar through their fears and hurdles.

Natalie coherently believes that all real estate agents have distinctive challenges - that is why she utilizes her vast knowledge and comprehensive coaching and consulting principles that she has developed and effectively applied for over 15 years in experience to deliver more business potency and value to her clients.

She is the recipient of the prestigious Certificate of Performance from House Capades Show on the Fox29 Network for her Home staging work and receives continuous praise for her coaching and consulting programs.

With the Launch of The 6-Figure Real Estate Agent, Book, and Coaching Program, you will find Natalie Speaking, Coaching, & Training Real Estate Agent all over the world producing Agents who have a clear vision, goal, and plan to withstand the saturated market in the game of real estate.

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