Thursday, 15 November 2018

8:50 am

Opening address by Tahani Aburaneh

Tahani Aburaneh, Founder, Tahani International
9:10 am

Making it to the top: visibility, leadership and success for women

The increased visibility of women in real estate and mortgage leadership roles has redefined these industries. In this session, powerful women share their strategies for success.
  • The attributes, qualities and strengths of the mortgage and real estate industry’s most powerful women
  • How can female brokers and agents work together to seize opportunities?
  • Planning your career path around your family obligations
Sherri Lavine, Partner, Chaitons

Kyra Wong, District Vice President, Mortgage Protection Plan, Manulife
Melanie Sinclair, National Manager, Real estate strategy, Deloitte
Barbara Lawlor, CEO & President of Baker Real Estate Incorporated
10:00 am

Stories of success: Learning, earning and redefining the market

A one-on-one discussion between a leading mortgage broker and real estate agent. Discover what they’ve learned along their career paths and learn the strategies for success that have positioned them at the top of their fields.
  • Gain proven tools to maximize career opportunities when they arise
  • Explore how forming meaningful industry partnerships is key to success and profitability
  • What resources are available to support women in the real estate and mortgage industries?
Kathy Gregory, President and CEO, Paradigm Quest
Carmela Kapeleris, Real Estate Broker, Author, TV Personality and Speaker, Kapeleris Real Estate Group, REMAX
11:10 am

Proven sales tools for closing deals - regardless of gender

Prices, interest rates and stress tests are not the only factors impacting your sales. This expert presentation will cover proven business strategies for closing deals and increasing profits in Canada’s highly competitive market.
  • How are women disrupting real estate and mortgage to become top earners?
  • What communication methods are most effective in moving through the sales process, from prospecting to closing the deal?
  • How can brokers and Realtors partner together to drive sales and profits?
Kathleen Black, President and CEO, Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting
12:00 pm
1:00 pm

Networking outside the boys club - lead-generating and business development

The real estate and mortgage industries are made up of dynamic professional communities that offer members valuable insights and resources. Discover how to tap into your community to establish a support network and leverage your professional connections to generate quality leads and grow your business.
  • How can you leverage your professional network to generate quality leads?
  • What are the top five tips for creating a referral network?
  • How can you better support your network to advance your peers and industry?
Tammy Evans, Partner, Aird & Berlis

Liza Rogers, Founder, WREN - Women's Real Estate Network
Darlene Smith, Education Director, WREN – Women’s Real Estate Network
Katya Shabanova, Associate Vice President, Office Leasing Cushman Wakefield
2:10 pm

Developing and leveraging your personal brand

Your personal brand is what sets you apart from the competition and tells perspective clients what you bring to the table. Unlock tools to develop your personal brand and discover proven methods of promotion to attract clients and expand your business.
  • What questions should you ask yourself when identifying your brand and mission?
  • How can you better market your brand to attract your target clientele?
  • Being confident and standing your ground without being accused of being pushy or emotional
Alice Soon, Founder of Tesoro Real Estate
3:00 pm

Where women lead, the market follows: future forecasts for real estate and mortgage

Women are well established as driving forces behind Canada’s real estate and mortgage market. This panel of experts share insights to the market trends of today, exciting growth opportunities for tomorrow and takeaways to empower your continued professional success.
  • What are the most significant factors shaping today’s real estate and mortgage market?
  • What growth opportunities are likely to present themselves in the next five years?
  • How can women support one another to advance their careers and get the most out of their markets?
Sue Pimento, Vice President, Referred Sales – Eastern Canada, HomeEquity Bank

Christine Xu, President/CEO, Moneybroker Canada Inc.
Suzanne De Jong, Vice President of Commercial Operations, Metrix Southwest Inc.
Natalie Cousins, Licensed Real Estate Agent and Consultant
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